Nõva Mõisa Cafe is located in the center of Nõva village. It is an extremely beautiful place in the corner of Northwest Estonia.
Singing sandy beaches just a few kilometers away… Around the beautiful pine forest with its rich harvest ...
 These are just a few reasons to come and explore Nõva. 
 In warmer weather, this is one of the favorite places for Estonians to spend the summer. In autumn, berry and mushroom forests are discovered in their richness. One hiking trail is chasing after another!
 Come, rest in Nõva! 
And if hiking in the fresh air is tiring - come and relax in the cafe of Nõva Mõis. 
 The cafe was built in the former manor house, which previously housed a local dairy. 
 The food we offer is always in the comfort of your home. Every day you will find at least one delicious daily roast and soup of the day. 
 In addition to hot food, we also offer delicious cakes, pastries, pies and pretzels - all made on site.